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Thankgiving-being thankful and giving

November 24, 2006

The celebration of thankgiving is an age old tradition given to us by the early settlers in America. It is a time for families to get together for love, respect and to cherish one another and appreciate each member of the family. Special reverence should be given to the elderly or the matron of the family. Then there is the feast of the food, and of course, football. But it’s really more than that. As we are being thankful for self and family. We should think of others, be in a reflective and giving mood for those who may be less fortunate than us. I’d like to advocate the idea of spreading the word and the message of hope, inspiration, and edification-to encourage others.This message is central on the pages of the books: The Road That Is Difficult To Travel” and the companion book “Prayer For An Occasion” you can go the site:
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Health & Spirituality-a given

November 11, 2006

The word “Terroir” means soil or region, when it is used by the French, they are usually referring to the land and the climate. But also to the impact of “man and machine” on the land. Terroir, determines the taste of food grown on a specific plot of land in a particular place or region in the hemisphere.

Coming from the spiritual element and a perspective of the inner being. One may consider terroir to be part of the soul of the land. More importantly the connection to humankind relationship with the soul environment, that is created by the powers of a higher source.

The French seems to have grasp the understanding for the elements of the totality for the concept of health and spirituality. Thereby, when we as humankind begin to discuss the habits, practices, and activities of good nutrients, and carrying on about health,wellness, spirituality, and the fruits of the land of a given “terroir” (soil, region, climate), there should be a hunger and thirst to eat of it, and drink of it, to sustain long-lasting healthiness for the totality of the body parts.

Steve Braxton, Author, “The Road That is Difficult To Travel”

Politics-Mid-Term Election Casualities

November 10, 2006

The first two casualities of the Republican party-Secy Donald Rumsfelt and Ken Mehlman, an unfortunate ordeal which could have been avoided-if both men had been a bit more sensitive-and in touch with the pulse of the people and  to the plight for  the concerns impacting key  issues that most  people had on their minds, as it related to the ecomomy and the war in Iraq.

I have watched both of these gentlemen from afar for sometime now. An observation that  has become more intensed in the recent 12-24 months. On many occasions when the opportunity presented itself Donald Rumsfelt all but ignored the pressing issues and needs thereby, rendering himself ineffective-because of an enormity of missed opportunities. In the case of Ken Mehlman, everytime I heard him speak-his words seem to go against the grain of what was being played out in the trenches locally and on the world stage. The preception portrayed by him for the most part seemed to have been  over zealous-as it was tainted with semblance of arrogance.

The Harvard graduate that he is-lawyer that  he may be-given the opportunity to work with and rub elbows with the elite of the American public, even in the nation and the world. Which created the impetious for him to excell toward and achieve gteatness. But it seems to be all for naught. The opportunity for the whole ordeal has in a nut shell been totally missed…! Because  he simply did not walk the walk-as he was trying to talked the talk.The talk the people  heard did not translate to anything that they could connect to-or sink their teeth into; which in effect rendering his entire tenure as RNC Chair a “total dis-connection…!”

It seemed, from afar; he operated on loyalty and blind-faith to President Bush, the insider crony network,and the Republican agenda, with a blatant disregard for the needs of the  common folk-the voters.

The moral of this story-is that you reap exactly what you sow. And when the needs of the common folk are neglected surely,  there are consequenes. What we all must not forget-there is really power at the ballot box. Always exercise the right to vote-it speaks volumes-when that right,  is utilized in the fashion and the appropriate way.

Steve Braxton, Chicago, Il

Hello world!-The benefits of meditation

November 1, 2006

It will be wise to learn and know the gift of “forgiveness” for self and others.
It shall be a real blessing to experience the ‘joy of healing’ and to have the elements and in-sights to trust in the power of a higher authority, the ultimate knowledge and wisdom (UKW)
To be resolve to hold an appreciation for the development of tenacity, perservance, and faithfulness on the journey of life

And finally, to have some awareness of your potential, possibility and God Ordained purpose for your life in the earthly realm.

Steve Braxton, Author: “Prayer for an Occasion”