Hello world!-The benefits of meditation

It will be wise to learn and know the gift of “forgiveness” for self and others.
It shall be a real blessing to experience the ‘joy of healing’ and to have the elements and in-sights to trust in the power of a higher authority, the ultimate knowledge and wisdom (UKW)
To be resolve to hold an appreciation for the development of tenacity, perservance, and faithfulness on the journey of life

And finally, to have some awareness of your potential, possibility and God Ordained purpose for your life in the earthly realm.

Steve Braxton, Author: “Prayer for an Occasion”


5 Responses to “Hello world!-The benefits of meditation”

  1. africantownchicago Says:

    Thank you for sharing your perspective!

    The purpose of our blog is to again stimulate a dialouge about a major African themed tourist attraction/destination. We have been anxiously awaiting the African Village that Alderman Tillman promised.

    We want you to know…. we have no political motives.

    The Alderman has made great strides with Bronzille, the theatre and developement across the street. However, we feel it can be exspaned upon…or be done somewhere else.

    Bronziville is historic, it will always be there. We are afraid that a party who doesn’t have our communities best interest at heart, is going to eventually do a project like Africantown!

    With the Olympics possibly coming.. our community should ask that our heritage be further represented in the 3rd and 20th wards. We need jobs and a larger business district.

    We shouldn’t be pleased to have an annual, Circus, Parade, festival, concerts without a larger permanent community business district that would benefit year round, i.e.Chinatown, Greektown. All of the aforementioned events happen or end in Washington Park.

    It would be nice if we could somehow connect it all togther.
    (Africantown,Bronzville,Dusable Museum) we need to unite.

    Let’s make something bigger and better happen! LET US KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS!


  2. roaddifficulttotravel Says:

    I do share your vision, dreams, and aspirations for connecting the dots between the three concerns, Dusable Museum, Broonzeville and Africantown. We are in the 21st century in the midst of the mode of working “Collaborative Efforts” of things that matter most to the whole of all humanity. Let’s go for it!

    Rev. Steve Braxton
    Author: “The Road THat Is Difficult To Travel”

  3. africantownchicago Says:

    Thank you for your support!

  4. nospam2012 Says:

    it certainly makes sense

  5. roaddifficulttotravel Says:

    Thank you nospam2012 for your support and vote of confidence. I appreciate you and please pass this on to your network have them visit the blog site and register their comments. Thanks

    Steve Braxton
    Author: The Road That Is To Travel

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