Health & Spirituality-a given

The word “Terroir” means soil or region, when it is used by the French, they are usually referring to the land and the climate. But also to the impact of “man and machine” on the land. Terroir, determines the taste of food grown on a specific plot of land in a particular place or region in the hemisphere.

Coming from the spiritual element and a perspective of the inner being. One may consider terroir to be part of the soul of the land. More importantly the connection to humankind relationship with the soul environment, that is created by the powers of a higher source.

The French seems to have grasp the understanding for the elements of the totality for the concept of health and spirituality. Thereby, when we as humankind begin to discuss the habits, practices, and activities of good nutrients, and carrying on about health,wellness, spirituality, and the fruits of the land of a given “terroir” (soil, region, climate), there should be a hunger and thirst to eat of it, and drink of it, to sustain long-lasting healthiness for the totality of the body parts.

Steve Braxton, Author, “The Road That is Difficult To Travel”


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