The month of January 2007 is “National Mentoring Month” I implore you to reach out and touch a  youth and/or a  young adult in ways that will impact them positively. You can begin by consoling a contrite spirit, providing instrumental support, provide encouraging words, edifying to build self-esteem, lend a helping hand or just utter uplifting accolades to them. You might consider being a surrogate father, mother, or  a big brother, big sister to them. When you do you will quickly realize, that at the end of the day, big dividends is payable, enormous mutual benefits will be experinced-as it bring feelings of great “Joy” to both you and the person you’ve reached out to touch-to make a difference in their lives. Try it you may just like it. The keys to the success of it all-don’t stop at the end of National Mentoring Month-let it be continuous……

Steve Braxton Author: “The Road That Is Difficult to Travel”


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