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The Value of Drinking Water

September 22, 2007

Drinking water on an empty stomach has ridual benefits and values. This is a widely used approach in Japan.

-Very popular among the  Japanese culture

-Scientifically tested for it’s value-in Japan

-It helps and aids with old diseases and modern illinessess

-This water drinking treatment approach by the Japanese, has been verified by a Japanese medical study-as a good cure for the following:

>headaches,fast heart beats, bronchitis, astma, diarrhea, constipation

>eye diseases, menstral disorders, and eye, nose and throat diseases


1. Upon waking-up in the morning-before brushing teeth, drink 4 glasses of water. 

2.After you brush your teeth-you may then eat and drink as normal

3.Wait 15 minutes of breakfast, lunch or dinner before you drink liquids or water

4.After then do not drink any liquids or water for 2 hours

5. After the two hours you may resume your normal water drinking process until you consume the usual 8 glasses per day

6.If you cannot drink 4 glasses of water upon waking up in the morning,gradual consume one glass-at-a-time, until you reach the 4 glasses.

NOTE: Do not drink cold water 15 minutes immediately following a meal

Reason:cold water solidify the oily things that you may consume-it slows the digestion process-which may turn into a “sludge”which cause an acid reaction-a process that breaks-down the absorbortion line in the intestine. Creating fat that eventual leads to cancer.

If you must drink-always drink hot tea, hot soup, or warm water 15 minutes after eating a meal.

This will help greatly with the cause and effect of creating any life threating diseases.

The water drinking process on an empty stomach will also help and aid in the treatment of the following abnormality:

a. high blood pressure

b. gastric conditions

c. diabetes

d. constipation & TB

The length of time for observing results are 30 to 60 to 180 days

depending on the metabolism, heredity, of family history, eating habits and daily exercise routines.

-Rev Steve Braxton

Author: The Road That Is Difficult To Travel