Truth revealed-Alternative Treatment>Cancer

Cancer has been, and still is, a life threatening disease. I had first hand experience last October (2007)-when my younger brother Mack-life was cut short due to  the illiness of cancer. And as most families think when they lose a beloved love-one-it is said they lefted too soon. We were no different in that regard-Mack indeed, lefted us too soon.

 We were told many things by oncology professionals regarding chemo and radiation, some of it was good, some was bad and some was not the total truth.

On Sept 23, 2008 I had the privilege of being made aware of a recent cancer update by John Hopkins regarding cancer Chemoteraphy and Radiation treatment. It was finally noted, that there is an alternative way.

Some Facts About cancer cells: revealed in the update

Every human being has cancer cells in their body-which do not show-up in standard test, until they have multiplied to the level of billions of cells.

So, when doctors tell you that they cannot detect no more cancer in your body after a period of treatment. What they are really saying, is that, the process of test are unable to detect the cancer cells. Why? because the cells have been diminished-not aleviated, and is not back to the level where they can be detected in the billion cells size, level or proportion 

Cancer cells occur approx 6 to more than 10 times in a person’s body.

 When human beings immune system are strong-the cancer cells are subject to be destroyed and/or prevented from multipling, spreading or forming any tumors.


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  1. Frederick Clemenson Says:

    Mainstream medicine tends to treat symptoms rather than address the underlying causes of diseases or conditions. Mainstream doctors generally have their dominant treatments, medicines and practices that relatively limit experimentation with individual patients. Alternative medicine tends to have more liberty to experiment and apply different treatments, and often experiment until they get results. In general, their treatments are typically very safe and often natural. (Alternative medicine practitioners often do and should earn income from their practices and products; but could it be that there is much more money in symptom management in the mainstream camps?),

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