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Unpleasant Experiences

October 13, 2008

When by happenstance you hear of; read about; or even witness first hand,

what is perceive by societal norms-as an unpleasant experiences;

The consciousness of the mind ushers in things that are considered unkind,

uncomfortable, and pershaps those thoughts that are somewhat cruel and in-humane.

If you take a casual glimpse at some of the Old Testament Bible stories,

there are many examples of incidents contained therein,

that can be characterized as unpleasant.

For example: Moses struggles and challenges faced-as he led the people out of bondage,

 out of Egypt, Daniel’s ordeal in the lion’s den, Job’s test of patience- during his experience with the satanic forces, Solomon’s  reign as king-ending in ruins and corosions and falling on desolate times.

And finally Jesus-being persecuted and hanged on the cross.

However, the most significant ordeal about facing unpleasant things, is how you handled the opportunity handed to you-during those tumultous and perilous times.

How did you seize the opportunity? What did you discover-exactly inside of you,

that mustered enough courage to overcome the ordeal. That is the question-

which is the ultimate test of patient, confidence, and your faith in self, in others, and in God.