Presidential Campaign: Obama vs McCain 2008

The post convention behavior and antics of the the presidential campaign has taken on an enormity of negative attacks-which has enabled the process of pointing-the-finger of blame.

Firstly by the McCain staff and handlers-followed by the Obama staff and handlers being responsive in a negative re-actionary way.

The campaign manager from the McCain camp has admitted as much-saying it will be their intentional and deliberate efforts to steer the approach of the campaign, not on issues, but more toward personalities.

It is the general consensus of the American public that both political camps would be better served-if they would focus on the concerns of the American people. Such issues as health care, the dismal plight of the the economy, and possible solutions, foreign policy issues, ending the war in Iraq-bringing our troops home, and the greatest need of all-that is job creation to stimulate the economy here in the U.S.

After watching both conventions most of the American public, at least, among the working class, had a chance to glean some glimmer of hope for the future. Only to have it quickly diminished with the advent of the negative rhetoric, comments, and all of the none sense taking place among the Demoncratic and Republican camp. None of which had any impact on the current  dismal situations we as a people face, nor shedding  light on any future fix that the people shall most assuredly find themselves.

An unofficial polling or consensus reached for most people watching the Republican convention was not very pleasing with the Republicans display and exhibition of such claims on patriotism as The Theme “Country First” noted-it was made to appear-as if nobody else cares about this country, except them. That was sort of a slap in the face or even may have been considered an insult by some, especially for most working class, or disinfranchised persons in America.

And most was equally appalled and astounded-that their convention did not adequately reflect the culture diversity that make up the United States of America.

Of the approximately 2300 delegates in attendance at the convention-only about 36 were of them representative of the minority and other culture diversity of the entire United States. A tremendously missed opportunity for the Republcans. What a shame…!!!!

Steve Braxton

Author: The Road That Is Difficult To Travel


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