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Neglected Children Infected-Only Pennies Needed to Save…

March 20, 2007

Yes, a penny campaign is launched to help children-because River parasites eat away at them, slowly infecting their organs, stunting their growth, and sometimes even causing them to die. On March 14, 2007, The Chicago Tribune staff reporter, Colleen Mastony wrote an article “River parasite eats at children” detailing the plight of children-who for the enjoyment of their favorite past time-run to the river and leap into the water, which is the center of their lives, but at the same time their very lives are experiencing life threathening danger. This is so; because the water hides a debililtating scourge called ‘schistosomiasis’-a disease that is spread by microscopic parasites that lives in the river, which burrows through their skin and slowly cause an infection. The solution, according to the experts, lies with just one dose a year of three pills called praziquantel. Studies shows that a single dose, which cost about twenty cent($.20)  can reverse up to 90.0% of the damaging health effects.

Therefore, a CAMPAIGN IS BEING LAUNCHED-A “PENNY CAMPAIGN”. Yes,,,! Pennies, they need only pennies to purchase the medicine for the children in Nasarawa, Nigeria to eradicate this deadly disease schistosomiasis.

All the pennies you may have lying around, on the floor, under the couch, on the couch, under the car seat, on your dresser, in a Jar at home or apt.While those pennies may mean little to you-they can go a long way toward helping to save A CHILD’S LIFE.

Won’t you consider helping. You noble efforts will certainly be appreciated

The idea for the “Penny Campaign” was conceived by Dianne Bradie-Gregoire-a social service executive. Dianne shared the idea with me-so that I could help bring marketing and public relations exposure to attract donations for the Pennies Campaign.

All pennies donations will be managed through the “Jimmy Carter Foundation”. Please leave a comment upon visiting with an email address for later contact through this site for detailed instructions for drop-off locations in the very near future.Thanks

Reverend Steve Braxton

Author-“The Road That Is Difficult To Travel”

Founder, Marketplace Ministries

Chicago, IL