Understanding forgiveness

For those who read the book “The Road That is Difficult To Travel”- hopefully to have more keen insights and a better understanding of how to cope with crisis situations through the process of intervention. They will also evolve to embrace the act of “forgiveness”-learn to heal from the wounds of life and go on to enjoy a healthier and wholesome earthly existence-Thereby engaging in building rapport and good pesonal and family relationship along the journey of life.


2 Responses to “Understanding forgiveness”

  1. roaddifficulttotravel Says:

    Forgiveness is sometimes ery hard to do-However, when it is finally done you really feel so much better. It is a good prescription to to take and aspire to achieve

    JD Braxton

  2. USarfiqueen: Future friend Says:

    The words are shared by USafriqueen from BPM Site… Very Inspiring
    On Planting, reaping what you sow and forgiveness:

    You will reap what you sow (Plant)
    Plant Honesty-Reap trust
    Plant Goodness-reap Friends
    Plant Humility-ReapGreatness
    Plant Perservance-Reap Victory
    Plant Consideration-Reap Harmony
    Plant Hard Work-reap Success
    Plant Faith-Reap Miracles
    Plant Forgivenss-Reap Reconcillation

    It Will Determine Your Tomorrow…
    The Seeds You Scatter will make Life Wose or Better
    For Those who will Come after you…

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