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Truth revealed-Alternative Treatment>Cancer

September 30, 2008

Cancer has been, and still is, a life threatening disease. I had first hand experience last October (2007)-when my younger brother Mack-life was cut short due to  the illiness of cancer. And as most families think when they lose a beloved love-one-it is said they lefted too soon. We were no different in that regard-Mack indeed, lefted us too soon.

 We were told many things by oncology professionals regarding chemo and radiation, some of it was good, some was bad and some was not the total truth.

On Sept 23, 2008 I had the privilege of being made aware of a recent cancer update by John Hopkins regarding cancer Chemoteraphy and Radiation treatment. It was finally noted, that there is an alternative way.

Some Facts About cancer cells: revealed in the update

Every human being has cancer cells in their body-which do not show-up in standard test, until they have multiplied to the level of billions of cells.

So, when doctors tell you that they cannot detect no more cancer in your body after a period of treatment. What they are really saying, is that, the process of test are unable to detect the cancer cells. Why? because the cells have been diminished-not aleviated, and is not back to the level where they can be detected in the billion cells size, level or proportion 

Cancer cells occur approx 6 to more than 10 times in a person’s body.

 When human beings immune system are strong-the cancer cells are subject to be destroyed and/or prevented from multipling, spreading or forming any tumors.


Black History in-sight & flash-back

February 8, 2007

During the era of 1776, Adam Smith, author of “Wealth of the Nations”, which is touted to be one of the 10 best books that help shape America; put forth the notion and contention:three truisms must be pervasive in life to suceed on a level playing field. 1. The pursuit of self-respect, 2. the ability to exercise free trade-to do commerce in free enterprise mode/genre, 3. and to establish the fact that wealth is not the King’s treasure, but the sum total of trade and agri products of the nation (wheat, cotton,   sugar, timber, alfa, and gold, etc.,). He also held a belief that freedom and equality should be had by all humanity.

Fast forward to 2007, enters writer, author O’Rourke who took two years to read the original body of work of Adam Smith, “Wealth of the Nations”,which he re-wrote, and in his approach he points out, and weighs in very heavily on the fact that Adam Smith, the original author was an economists-who ostensibly tried to shed light on a statement-of-fact, through his body of work, that should have been an ideal truism, but didn’t quite cut the mustard, the statements in the body of works;never really measured-up. At least , when you look at the disparities and inequities of freedom and equality for all humanity.

As we look at recorded history down through the annuals of time of  pre-civil war, and post civil war-it is revealed, that slaves brought over from Africa on slave ships, the decendants and ancestors of African Americans, is evidence that the infrastructure of this country, was built on the backs from the blood,sweat, and tears of  ‘free labor’, of slaves.

Therefore, the school of thought in  the body of work, of the original, “Wealth of the Nations” were very flawed. So consequently,it may be said, that Adam Smith’s statements, notions, and contentions in the original body of work, did not get much attention paid to it. Because, as he was respected and revered as a credible person, it seems nobody really listened to what he had to say regarding freedom and equality.

This country and the nation was, and still is,  beriffed with huge inequities and injustices. Here we are 230 years later, after the 1776 book-still mired in inequality. we have seen some gains in civil rights, human rights, and social justice. However, there are certain districts of the courts, some professionals, and  few radical groups trying to turn the clock back and take away the gains. We need only look to the “Affirmative Action Reversible Process”, involving business trade and commerce across the land in this country.

Its time for change; what about reparations?… It is time for the status quo; the powers that be; to realize the plight as a nation and seize the moment to set things right. Its absolutely a must for this nation to be the example, and lead the way for abolishing all civil injustices, all social inequities, that are being practice against humanity-especially; the middle class and the working poor of these United States of America.

~Nuff sed~ its time for action of positive change

Steve Braxton, author:The Road That Is Difficult To Travel
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January 26, 2007

The month of January 2007 is “National Mentoring Month” I implore you to reach out and touch a  youth and/or a  young adult in ways that will impact them positively. You can begin by consoling a contrite spirit, providing instrumental support, provide encouraging words, edifying to build self-esteem, lend a helping hand or just utter uplifting accolades to them. You might consider being a surrogate father, mother, or  a big brother, big sister to them. When you do you will quickly realize, that at the end of the day, big dividends is payable, enormous mutual benefits will be experinced-as it bring feelings of great “Joy” to both you and the person you’ve reached out to touch-to make a difference in their lives. Try it you may just like it. The keys to the success of it all-don’t stop at the end of National Mentoring Month-let it be continuous……

Steve Braxton Author: “The Road That Is Difficult to Travel”

Health & Spirituality-a given

November 11, 2006

The word “Terroir” means soil or region, when it is used by the French, they are usually referring to the land and the climate. But also to the impact of “man and machine” on the land. Terroir, determines the taste of food grown on a specific plot of land in a particular place or region in the hemisphere.

Coming from the spiritual element and a perspective of the inner being. One may consider terroir to be part of the soul of the land. More importantly the connection to humankind relationship with the soul environment, that is created by the powers of a higher source.

The French seems to have grasp the understanding for the elements of the totality for the concept of health and spirituality. Thereby, when we as humankind begin to discuss the habits, practices, and activities of good nutrients, and carrying on about health,wellness, spirituality, and the fruits of the land of a given “terroir” (soil, region, climate), there should be a hunger and thirst to eat of it, and drink of it, to sustain long-lasting healthiness for the totality of the body parts.

Steve Braxton, Author, “The Road That is Difficult To Travel”

Hello world!-The benefits of meditation

November 1, 2006

It will be wise to learn and know the gift of “forgiveness” for self and others.
It shall be a real blessing to experience the ‘joy of healing’ and to have the elements and in-sights to trust in the power of a higher authority, the ultimate knowledge and wisdom (UKW)
To be resolve to hold an appreciation for the development of tenacity, perservance, and faithfulness on the journey of life

And finally, to have some awareness of your potential, possibility and God Ordained purpose for your life in the earthly realm.

Steve Braxton, Author: “Prayer for an Occasion”